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Every pet owner's worst nightmare is having a lost pet whether it was because of a door or gate being left open accidentally, a pet that has dug out of its yard, or as we've seen in times of natural disasters - pets not being reunited with owners because of lack of identification. Microchips can help to alleviate some of that worry. If you do have the misfortune of losing your cat or dog, a microchip can help return them to you quickly. The microchip is placed under the skin behind the shoulder of your pet. It is relatively painless and poses no long term side effects. Each microchip has its own barcode that links to your pet's information. If a lost pet is found, they can be scanned, the microchip number is displayed, and the microchip company can be called to obtain the owner's contact information. Collars can fall off and tattoos do not have contact information.  Thus, the advance in technology helps reunite more lost pets with their owner than ever before.

We use Home Again Microchips and as part of the process we register your pet online with Home Again for you so you don't have to!