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In House Veterinary Laboratory

Pets may need blood work or tests run for any number of reasons.  Whether it be routine parasite checks, wellness exams for adult and senior pets, pre-surgical tests, or needed lab work in times of illness or trauma our in-house veterinary laboratory provides our veterinarians with valuable insight to your pet's overall health.

 Following are some of the tests we are able to perform in-house for quick results:

~ Bloodwork: CBC, Chemistry Panel, Thyroid
~ Feline Leukemia and Aids testing
~ Urinalysis and Sediment examination
~ Cytology of skin & ear samples
~ Fecal testing for intestinal parasites
~ Occult heartworm, Lymes, Erhlichia testing
~ Parvo tests
~ Feline Heartworm Antigen tests

Should specialized tests be needed outside of what our in-house lab can provide we do utilize an outside veterinary laboratory that can return results in a timely fashion.