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Dental Cleaning



Dental care plays an important role in your pet’s health, just as it does for you. It is a well documented fact for pets (and people) that the tartar, plaque and bacteria build-up on teeth causes not only infections and painful, loose teeth but can damage their heart and kidneys as well.  In our well-equipped animal hospital, highly trained staff perform routine dental cleanings and consultations with owners for home dental care.

Our dental cleaning procedures include:

Series of radiographs with a digital x-ray machine to check for cavities, pockets, or other abnormalities below the gum line.
Thorough oral exam to check for loose teeth and gum health.
Ultrasonic scaling to remove buildup of tartar and plaque from the teeth and under the gum line.
Polishing to remove plaque or film left by the scaling and to restore luster.
Rinsing application using a chlorhexidine rinse followed by a fluoride treatment. Fluoride strenghtens tooth enamel and decreases the rate of plaque formation.
Sealant to reduce formation of tartar and plaque after a dental cleaning.

Lance's teeth before cleaning

Lance's teeth after cleaning

During the dental cleaning, any abnormalities in the oral cavity are noted and treated as needed, including extractions and treatment of pockets. Pain medication and/or antibiotics are given at the doctor’s discretion.

Before and after pictures of your pet's teeth are taken and given to you when you pick up your pet.

When your pet is ready to go home, the technician who performed the cleaning will provide information on how to keep your pet’s newly restored pearly whites as clean as possible, including recommendations for home dental care and products.