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Here at Sanford Oaks Animal Clinic, we provide an air conditioned and heated facility for boarding pets where the following standards of care are followed:

- For our canine boarders, morning meals of Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach dry food with a touch of warm water to enhance the aroma and flavor.  For our feline boarders, 24 hour access to Hill's Science Diet Adult Maintenance dry food.  Younger pets, seniors, and special needs pets are fed at least two meals or as directed by the owner or veterinarian.  Pets have access to fresh water at all times.

- Boarding dogs get vigorous walks or leisurely strolls (depending on your pet’s preference) at least three times daily.  Cats are kept in a separate room from the dogs to lessen stress, and get playtime according to the individual cat’s temperament.

- All boarding animals have access to clean bedding, though you are welcome to bring your pet's own bedding and toys.

- Pets are given any medication they are prescribed or that is brought by their owner.

- Pets are placed and kept in a clean cage or run daily.  We are primarily a hospital facility, so our standards for cleanliness are extremely high.

- Pets staying seven days or longer will receive a complimentary bath and toenail trim.

A few requirements::

For your pet's protection and the protection of other boarding pets, dogs and cats are required to be current on their vaccinations.  Dogs must have had their six-in-one (DHLPPC) and cats, their four-in-one (FVRCP-CH) within the last 12 months; dogs must also have had their kennel cough vaccine within the last year; and both dogs and cats must have had their rabies within either the last 12 months with a one year rabies vaccine or within the last 3 years with a 3 year rabies vaccine.

Pets may be dropped off or picked up during regular business hours only.

*Because boarding spaces are extremely limited and book up quickly we encourage

making  reservations ASAP especially for the holidays and summer months.

For those times that we cannot accommodate a pet for boarding we have provided a short list of other boarding and day care facilities.

Pet Resort in the Gardens
2890-A W. Pioneer Pkwy
Arlington, TX  76013

Creature Comfort
2150 I-20 W (on access road near Bowen)
Arlington, TX