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Meet Our Veterinarians


Karen Smirmaul, DVM

Dr. Karen Smirmaul is a Duncanville High School graduate.  She graduated  from veterinary school in 2001 from Texas A&M University  and then did an internship at the I-20 Animal Emergency  Clinic.  Her initial desire to go to veterinary school was to  have skills and training to work in developing countries.  In  2003 she moved to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and lived there  until 2013 working with Christian Veterinary Mission.  She is  very thankful for the opportunity to have worked alongside  her Mongolian veterinary colleagues in a small animal clinic  as they encouraged one another in their faith.

Dr. Smirmaul is now the owner of Sanford Oaks Animal Clinic. Outside of the clinic, she enjoys tennis, gardening and playing piano.

Esther Grissom, DVM

Dr. Esther Grissom was born and raised in Euless, Texas.  She graduated from veterinary school in 1992 from Texas A&M University.  She was an associate veterinarian at a small animal clinic in Arlington until 2002, when she began doing relief work in the DFW area.  Relief work has given her the opportunity to meet and work with many talented people in the veterinary field, and she is happy to be able to allow busy practice owners time to rest and recharge.

In her free time, she enjoys bicycling, reading, baking, and traveling.

Kirby J. Warren, DVM

Dr. Warren is the original owner of Sanford Oaks Animal Clinic.   After 43 years of ownership he sold his practice to Dr. Smirmaul and is now enjoying retirement life with his wife and grandchildren.